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Founded in 1977, SPMB provides high quality senior management retained search services to the high technology community.

spmbOver the last few years, SPMB has become one of the top 25 technology search firms in the United States. Of the firms that are based in Northern California/Silicon Valley serving the technology community, we are the largest and most successful. We have grown more than 300% since 2001, a feat unmatched by any of our competitors. How did we do this? We follow the lead of successful companies. We are paranoid of failure, like Intel. We have the spirit of Google, experienced but youthful, competitive and energetic. We're innovative, like Apple. Always looking for better ways to do things, with the clients' interests top of mind.

We stand apart from competitors because we are very high touch and customize every search with a rigorous and transparent methodology, and we have a global reach that rivals any large firm. We can complete any executive search in technology, from tiny startups to multi-billion dollar public companies, information technology to digital media to semicon, consumer electronics and sustainability. We are in every major growth category in the technology community, delivering results year after year after year. See our website at for more

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Offices in Bangalore, Boston, London, Ottawa, San Francisco and Toronto